About Us

Our Company

LAKE AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT, INC., is a full service environmental resource management team that has been providing the highest level of service since 1992. Our family of State-certified, trained biologists have been providing environmental services for waterways, wetland management, lake management and natural areas throughout Florida, leading the industry of environmental services. We have an exemplary reputation with many government agencies, builders, developers, property managers and homeowner associations.

LAKE AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT, INC., is fully insured, carrying coverage to protect our customers, including workman’s compensation, liability and property damage.

LAKE AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT, INC., provides erosion control, algae control and aquatic weed control, invasive plant management and removal, large-scale invasive exotic plant removal, lake management services, wetland mitigation management services, native plant nursery and native plant installation and environmental monitoring. We specialize in rectifying agency compliance issues by working with the client to resolve violations.

Our Team

Brian Fischer

Brian Fischer
President – Accounting, Sales and Management

Stuart Fischer

Stuart Fischer
VP – Operations

Jean Tremblay

Jean Tremblay
VP – Franchising and Marketin

Andy Dépatie

Andy Dépatie
VP- Corporate Affairs

Our Mission

The mission of LAKE AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT, INC., is to provide its customers the absolute highest level of service while creating green solutions to environmental problems. Our goal is to create clean, healthy lakes, wetlands and natural areas to improve the quality of our water and provide a healthy environment for all.

  • GL Homes has worked with Lake and Wetland Management for over 18 years. They are the only firm we recommend for natural area restoration, plant installation, maintenance, exotic vegetation removal, and monitoring.

    - Rick Elsner – VP of Land Development, GL Homes
  • Wonderful to see whats being done to help save our waterways. Job well done, keep up the great work. Thank you for all you do.

    - Bobby Brozek
  • I have the pleasure to be in a very awesome relationship in a business as well as personal manner with these boys. It is such a pleasure to find honest and loyal people in this shark filled business environment we all work within. Like my company Shoresox, I give much more then I take as does Lake and Wetlands, They take great pride in their work as well as their work force.

    - Daniel Schaaf
  • very successful, and natural way to recover the shoreline from erosion

    - Sandy Cooper
  • Best Lake and Wetland Management Service in the Nation!

    - Kevin Bergman