Erosion Control & Shoreline Restoration

Lakefront shoreline erosion commonly occurs over time through wave action, fluctuating water levels and loss of stabilizing vegetation. Shoreline restoration is critical in preventing the further loss of land and to regain lost area. LAKE AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT, INC., only trusts the Shoresox erosion control system, the most environmentally friendly, bio-degradable and versatile solution on the market today.

What is Shoreline Erosion?

Erosion is essentially the removal of coastal land that has been supplanted by water. Water wears down earth and sediment, and as such, rising water levels are one of the primary causes of shoreline erosion. Often, elevated water levels are a side effect of the changing seasons. In addition, other contributing factors can include:

  • Storms or high-speed winds that create large waves
  • Improperly-drained runoff from storms, agriculture or irrigation
  • Fish species that tunnel through the shoreline

Why is Shoreline Erosion Significant?

Why is shoreline erosion significant? It affects the lakes, ponds and waterways that part of Florida’s own properties and communities. Parks, housing developments, condominiums, golf courses, and country clubs are either built around water or have ponds installed in order to raise property value and be aesthetically pleasing. Yet, with every inch of shoreline that disappears, the value and beauty of the waterways go with it.

Both shorelines and the waters they surround also form a delicate balance within Florida’s fragile ecosystem, and erosion disrupts and destabilizes this natural order. The demarcation of land and water represents a complex system that regulates the distribution of water, sunlight and other nutrients among fish and vegetation. When this system is compromised, entire habitats are affected. For instance, shorelines that contain crucial vegetation will see this vegetation disappear as the shoreline itself erodes.

Shoresox Erosion Control

shoresox logoHow does Lake and Wetland Management, Inc. propose to rectify this important matter? For years, we’ve used one solution: Shoresox Erosion Control, the industry leader in not only shoreline erosion restoration itself, but a solution that is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

How Does Shoresox Work?

Shoresox is an all-in-one solution that is ideal for the unique plight of Florida’s eroding shorelines. It is both cost- and time-effective, and above-all it does not require commercial chemical solutions that may be just as harm-inducing as erosion itself. Here is how the process works:

  1. We place the patented Shoresox containment fabric in a strategic location along the shoreline of your lake, pond or canal.
  2. We fill the containment with organic and biodegradable material such as straw, compost or corn stalks.
  3. We roll the containment system to engirdle the entire shoreline and protect it from further erosion.
  4. Finally, we use Shoresox’s anchor system to secure the containment barrier and implant it with native vegetation.

The Benefits of Using Shoresox

  • Environmentally Sustainable: Shoresox is the one erosion control system that has been designed and bioengineered to be 100% eco-friendly. Its materials are all bio- and photo-degradable and it actually becomes part of the shoreline that it protects.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Shoresox is demonstrated to be superior in the buffering and filtering of every waterway it is installed around, and it comes in a wide variety of lengths that can be fitted around any body of water.
  • True Restoration: Shoresox not only protects the shoreline from further erosion, but it also restores the damage that has already been rendered. Composed of all organic materials makes it rife with the potential to grow new earth and vegetation, and its water retention and wicking features allow this vegetation to flourish and restore the shoreline’s ecology.

If you truly appreciate the unparalleled benefits of using Shoresox to restore and protect your shorelines, then you should also know that Lake and Wetland Management, Inc. is the sole distributor of the Shoresox erosion control solution in the state of Florida. We are currently the one provider of this solution, the benefits of which are without equal. So, if you need the shorelines on your property restored, call us at 855-888-LAKE today!

Download the Shoresox Erosion Control PDF

Shoreline Restoration Gallery

Before Restoration

Before Shoreline Erosion Restoration

After Restoration

After Shoreline Erosion Restoration


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